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spacer   RIO Shaved Ice Syrups

RIO Syrups are ready to use. Simply pour 1 ounce of syrup over 6 ounces of shaved ice. Or add 2 ounces to Seltzer Water to make a soda of your choice. They are available in quarts, gallons, 2.5 gallon & 5.0 gallon Bag in a Box (BIBs). All RIO flavors are available as Sugar Free Syrups as well!

Prices: (Prices are subject to change without notice.)

RIO Original Syrup (whole case, 4 gals/case)   $55.80
RIO Original Syrup (5.0 gal Bag in Box)   $69.50
RIO Original Syrup (2.5 gal Bag in Box)   $38.80

RIO Specialty & Sugar Free Syrup
                              (whole case or any mixed 4 gals)


RIO Specialty & Sugar Free Syrup (5.0 gal Bag in Box)

RIO Specialty & Sugar Free Syrup (2.5 gal Bag in Box)   $40.90
All Quarts - comes with pour-out cap   $8.80
All Gallons   $17.20


  Product Code Product Name
    Original Syrups
  010 Banana
  015 Black Cherry
  050 Blue Bubble Gum
  025 Blueberry
  030 Blue Raspberry
  055 Cherry
  107 Fruit Punch
  105 Grape
  110 Green Apple
  115 Lemon
  120 Lemon Lime
  130 Lime
  140 Orange
  145 Orange Pineapple
  307 Peach
  157 Piña Colada
  160 Pineapple
  040 Pink Bubble Gum
  180 Red Raspberry
  195 Root Beer
  800 Simple Syrup
  215 Strawberry
  312 Strawberry Daiquiri
  220 Tiger Blood
  235 Watermelon
    Specialty Syrups
  360 Banana Daiquiri
  400 Blue Hawaii
  060 Cherry Cola
  085 Coconut
  205 Cola
  350 Daiquiri
  670 Ginger Ale
  116 Lemonade
  715 Horchata
  495 Maui Cherry
  310 Orange Dream
  370 Peach Daiquiri
  090 Pink Cotton Candy
  171 Pink Lemonade
  743 Raspberry Lemonade
  185 Red Hot      (Hot Cinnamon)
  753 Sarsaparilla
  681 Soulard Hurricane
  774 Strawberry Lemonade
  845 Tom Collins
  380 Tropical Punch
  230 Vanilla
  795 Wedding Cake
  313 Wild Banana
  314 Wild Cherry
    Sugar Free Syrups
  33025 Sugar Free Blueberry
  33055 Sugar Free Cherry
  33005 Sugar Free Grape
  33040 Sugar Free Orange
  33800 Sugar Free Simple Syrup
  33015 Sugar Free Strawberry
  33035 Sugar Free Watermelon
All flavors listed in the Concentrate sections
are available as Specialty & as Sugar Free Syrups.
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